Santiago Matamoros

Spanish School XVII Century
Polycrome Wood
110 x 80 x 42 cm

Manolo Valdes

Oil on canvas 2008
229 x 189 cm

Henri Matisse

Lithography from Jazz
38 x 59 cm

Henri Matisse
1869 -1954

Pedro de Mena

San Francisco
Circa 1670
Polychrome Wood
43 x 18 x 24 cm

Pedro de Mena is regarded as the descendant of Montanes and Cano but his technical skill and the expression of the emotion in his statues are unsurpassed.

Born in Granada he spends most of his life in Malaga where his studio is active during 30 years. Many of his sculptures were done for convents and cathedrals between Granada, Cordoba, Malaga, Madrid.

Granada 1628- Malaga 1688

Andres Deleito

Saint Jerome Penitent
Oil on canvas 184 x 157 cm

Spanish painter of religious scenes, historical subjects, interiors and still lifes.
Active in Madrid and Segovia between 1656 and 1633.
Works at the Museo Nacional del Prado

Zoran Music

The man looking behind him
Oil on canvas 162 x 130 cm

An Italian-Slovakian painter affiliated with l’ École de Paris. His work is often autobiographical, reflecting his time spent at Dachau, with paintings depicting dark, sober landscapes in which corpses or skeletons may be recognized.
Represented in numerous museums. 1909-2005

Francisco de Ocampo

Polychrome wood
150 x 53 x 33 - 150 x 60 x 44 cm

Creator of numerous sculptures of polychrome wood constructed primarily for large convents and churches of Seville, he was the student of Martinez Montanes and Juan de Mesa, with whom his work appears at the Museum of Fine Art of Seville.
Active and renowned in that city from 1600 to 1639

Richard Serra

Mixed media on paper
127 x 96,5 cm

Considered the most radical sculptor of American abstraction, his large scale sculptures of sheet metal and drawings explore the exchange between artwork, site and viewer.
Born in San Francisco in 1939

Miguel & Jeronimo Garcia

Ecce homo
Polychrome terra cotta
42 x 35 x 15 cm

Polychrome terra cotta
42 x 25 x 15 cm

Sculptors whose polychrome painted terra cotta works portraying religious subjects are intended for, and much in demand by, churches and private chapels.
They were contemporaries of Alonso Cano and Pablo de Rojas.
Grenada 1580-1634.

Serge Poliakoff

Composition 1953
Huile sur toile 82 x 94 cm

Peintre russe de l’Ecole de Paris. Pionnier de l’abstraction et d’une peinture travaillée comme les icones de son pays natal qu’il n’a cessé de regarder durant toute sa carrière. Moscou 1900- Paris 1969